All About .mpt Files You Need to Know

To know how to recover and open files that have been deleted from the recycle bin on Windows, this article will teach you what .mpt files are and how they can be used.

Mpt stands for Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation file which is a presentation software designed by Microsoft.

Although not limited to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation file, .mp4 files can also be handled with the use of Mptfiler. If you want to know more about .mp4 files and what you can do with them, keep reading this article!

What are .mpt Files?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software developed by Microsoft that is primarily used for making presentations in a visually appealing manner. When users create documents in Microsoft Powerpoint, they would typically save their work as a .ppt

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A .mp2 file is an MP3 file that can be played on a computer. It contains a set of tracks that have been encoded into a single file.

The MPT format is a type of audio or digital recording whose main purpose is to contain the soundtrack for a movie. An MPT file can be played on any computer as long as it has the necessary software installed, and it can be stored as either an audio track or video track.


The .mp4 file extension was introduced in 1993. The extension stands for MPEG 4 Part 14, which is a video coding standard that includes audio and video compression technologies.

The introduction of this file type meant that the video files could be compressed more efficiently and easily using MPEG-4 compression. This would result in a smaller file size, and consequently, it would be easier to share videos online and on DVDs.

The first MP4 player was sold by Apple Computer in 1996. However, the company only sold it to Japanese schools and universities because Japan had more restrictive copyright laws compared to other countries at that point in time.


MPT file extension stands for MPEG-2 Transport Stream file and is used to store video and audio streams. The MPT file extension is mainly used by the mPlayer application that plays back the MPEG-2 Transport Stream data.

According to Wikipedia, “The MPT format was designed for playback of streaming media on PCs with MPEG-2 card (and some other modern cards)”, which means that it can be opened on PC with an MPEG-2 card or some other modern cards. Some players like VLC Media Player can also play back this type of files.

MPT files are usually stored in the Downloads folder in Windows systems (C:\Users\%username%\Downloads). However, you can also find them in some other folders.


Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software in the world, but it doesn’t always offer what you need. That’s where tools like Mimic Presentation come into play.

Mimic Presentation is a new tool that lets you open .mp4 files and convert them into .ppt presentations. The tool does this by using Microsoft PowerPoint’s native import function to bring this file over to PowerPoint on your PC. Mimic Presentation does not require any installation or download of anything; all you need is an internet connection and Microsoft PowerPoint on your PC!

If you need to make presentations on your PC, but don’t want to use Microsoft PowerPoint, then try out Mimic Presentation!

What is a .MPT file type?

The .MPT file is a Microsoft PowerPoint template that was created in the early 1990s. The individual slides of this template are saved in the same format.

These files are used for creating presentations for digital media, such as PowerPoint presentations. This file format is extremely popular because it provides easy-to-use formatting and slide transition effects, but also because it is easy to convert into other formats like HTML or PDF.

A .MPT file is composed of multiple slides, each containing text and graphics which can be made to look good with basic slide transitions.


A file extension is the three-letter code at the end of file name that indicates what type of file it is. For example, word documents are .doc files and video files are .mp4 files.

Since computer software has evolved to include more and more features, there are now many different types of files that need to be saved on a computer. A file extension indicates what type of file it is, such as .doc for word document or .mp4 for video files.